The world right now has the need for Big Impact Game-changers, or BIG's as we call them.  BIG's are businesses, plans, policy ideas, technologies and NGO's with the potential to meaningfully tackle the most important issues to affect us all. 

How can we create jobs at scale whilst also addressing climate change and driving sustainable development? How can we also improve access to education or create a revolution in affordable quality healthcare, to promote good health and tackle pandemics like COVID 19 globally? 

These issues and more keep Big Impact Game-changing entrepreneurs awake at night. They drive them and are their reason for being.


However, BIGs are notoriously difficult to spot and take seriously. With help from the BIGCrowd - this can change. 


BIGCrowd is set to be a crowdsourcing, crowd funding, and crowd marketing game changer. Harnessing the power of the BIGCrowd is the best way to find and support the most important Big Impact Game-changers seeking to positively change the world. 

BIGCrowd subscribers will help find, improve and supportBig Impact Game-changers wherever they are. 

Via a free or £9.60 a month subscription, with an exciting way of letting anyone in the world with the most basic of technology, earn for collaboration and  for making social referrals, BIGCrowd is set to be one of the most exciting social ventures of our time.

The aim is to find, validate, support and shine a massive spotlight on important Big Impact Game-changers (BIGs).

BIGs are striving to tackle the most critical issues of our time with important game-changing innovations.  

BIGCrowd will ensure these game-changers are found, and that they can in turn find the resources so they can breathe and succeed - thus providing hope the world over.  


You could think of BIGCrowd as a crowdsourcing and crowd funding multi sided platform, an ecosystem where people can earn and learn, and a way of funding and supporting the best applicants to open calls and incentive competitions held all over the world. 



To give a stronger chance of achieving the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, it is critical that all Big Impact Game-changing ideas are found, supported and brought to life.


The challenge in our current fickle world is many of the really important visions, ideas and projects are sidelined or ignored. This we can no longer afford. As a member of the BIGCrowd, you will help ensure that any Big Impact Game-changer anywhere it exists, will have the greatest chance of emerging, of coming to life, and thriving. 


Anyone, anywhere in the world will be able to upload a Big Impact Game-changer if they have or know of one. The very best ideas have the chance of securing £Millions in marketing, communication and consulting support - but all potential BIGs who qualify can gain from BIGCrowd support and wider publicity. 


How It Will Work For
BIGCrowd Subscribers?


watch a video

shared by a contact
or in response to our
PR and marketing
to learn more


decide to subscribe

taking 5 minutes
and all of £9.60 a month

for a Premium subscription where you can earn - or Free for the content only offering


vote and share

at least one BIG
video per month and collaborate as much or as little as you can or wish,
and helping Big Impact


do good and do well

help find, fund, validate and support Big Impact Game-changers to do good, and earn on the platform for the amount of funds raised and the amount of good that is done. 


How it Will Work For
Big Impact Game-changers?


and Apply

 Fill in a BIG (or small) 
profile detailing your exciting project and what is needed
to get it fully funded and sustainable.


a Video

Create a basic or advanced
video explaining what you are doing, and if you get enough
votes and crowd support we will help you simplify and improve
your initial messaging.


Enter a
BIGGrand Challenge

You can apply in general categories, or for one of our sponsored and targetted BIGGrand Challenges, where there will be a BIGSupport package worth
£3.6 on offer 
(learn more
about the awards).


Earn, Win

By engaging with the crowd through
the Q&A section you may get ideas to refine or expand your BIG. You are able to win votes, can get general support from the crowd, and as a subscriber the more of your supporters you share with who in turn subscribe, the more you can earn while working on your BIG. For the most promising BIGs the chance of winning
the £3.6m BIGSupport program
gives the maximum chance of you 
achieving maximum Impact.  

What is a
Big Impact Game-changer?

Big Impact Game-changers must:-

Be New or Old...

innovative, scaleable
and or replicable


our target areas, including 
one or more of the Global Goals
for Sustainable Development.

Comprise of...

a plan, business or
idea, with Integrated
and joined up thinking.


evidence of traction,
development and dedication, and the more BIGCrowd support - the better.