The 10 : 10 : 10 Access To Capital Challenge

£10 Million in Prizes : For Ideas and Plans to Create 10 Million Jobs : In the next 10 Years

The 10:10:10 Access to Capital Challenge is intended to be a flagship incentive competition BIGCrowd will hold when the platform infrastructure is built and the marketing model is working as planned. The goal, is to use this highly political and media appealing competition to make a bold statement to the world, and with the focus on goals 7,8,9 and 11, to bring the right level of focus to solutions that can create good jobs at real scale. 

Designed to attract high levels of media coverage, this format can help both the UK and Europe stay relevant to the World post Brexit - though benefits are intended to spread to the rest of the globe. The 10:10:10 Challenge is also designed to help countries, companies and institutions increase relevance and cross border collaboration - and so has the potential to raise the full £10m in prize money and additional marketing costs in sponsorship - or it can be entirely funded by the motivated BIGCrowd subscribers.