BIG Examples

To understand the vision for BIGCrowd and before we show examples, it is really important to understand how we define Big Impact Game-changers, and why we believe BIGs are the most important entities in the world to find, fund and support. 

BIG Ideas, Entrepreneurs and Teams with live projects and bold plans, of the scale necessary to address the largest issues in  the world - can have perceived or real credibility gaps.

BIG and NEW ideas can scare people. Our human brains are wired to run away from complexity and the unknown (fight/flight).  Our ability to deal with new information also gets overloaded - and there is just too much information to process these days. Often to learn about and have confidence in something new, we need to hear about it many times, and we often require social proof from people we respect - to buy into something with time and money.


There are many deep psychological, organisational and economic reasons why important innovation is resisted (which will be included in the forthcoming book by Steve Podmore - titled 'Innovation Immunity - and the Global Goals).

As a result, without strong teams and relentless communication, and all the necessary proof points - which all can cost a great deal, the potential Big Impact Game-changers the world desperately needs to emerge and succeed - with solutions to some of our most pressing challenges - often get missed.


For existing entities, they can have similar challenges getting the right financial and non financial resources they require to scale in the optimum way. This can be because what is obvious, about the performance of an organisation and team behind it, might hide some of the potential brilliance. Their might have been missteps, which provide the learning necessary to take a bold new direction, but often, investors of all kinds resist this kind of change. Or, the story might be positive, but just hard to secure the right form of capital and support in oder to scale. 


Markets, funding gaps, and why we need Big Impact Game-changers

Market activity with good governance is often the best way to solve really BIG issues which need significant capital, where real innovation is incentivised and where their are business level income streams and discipline. However, to solve bigger and more capital intensive issues - climate change, or sanitation for example, the risk factors for capital providers can be perceived to be high. This is especially the case when one looks at the up front investment required, time horizon and the overall costs to solve these big issues. So, often new types of fund structure might be required, to perhaps blend capital from different stakeholders, or to 


So for many reasons - investment has moved away from making BIG bets in the areas we need, and moved towards lower risk opportunities or areas where faster rewards can be made.  Sometimes this can include cherry picking high profit or fast return areas whilst leaving the underlying issue unaddressed or sometimes, even worse. Existing fund structures and new crowd- funding platforms do deliver important innovation in some areas - but we need new patient and intelligent capital structures.


Yet for policy ideas, not for profits, or ventures that might have complexity and need longer or larger funding solutions, seed or angel investors, current crowd-funding platforms or Venture Capital investors are not always ideal - and ideal investors are hard to find. Uncertainty over revenue generation or when follow on rounds of funding might be raised often make risks and complexities too great. 


Aside from risk and complexity issues, which can pose regulatory threats, raising funds or awareness is costly and time consuming and is not always a core competence of management. 


Filling the many funding and credibility gaps is central to what BIGCrowd is designed to address.

To tackle the worlds biggest issues which are now urgent - we need to get much better at finding true Big Impact Game-changers. To ensure the most promising will come forward, it is critical that they get a decent hearing, objective evaluation - and capital on fair terms. 

BIGCrowd focuses on the discovery and fair hearing, and then aims to help the most deserving attract resources they need to succeed. Many will fail. However if just a few Big Impact Game-changers succeed as a result of harnessing the power of the BIGCrowd, we finally stand a real chance of addressing the issues encompassed in the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development shown on the front page of this site. 

First, Big Impact Game-changers defined. 

  • A really BIG, BOLD Plan, Business or Idea. 

  • Innovative, scalable, and/or replicable. 

  • Addressing BIGChallenges in areas of:

    • agriculture; energy; education; health; water; smart industry; tech and finance​

    • and all of the integrated issues included in the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 

  • Integrated and joined up thinking. 

  • 'For Profit With Purpose' Impact Ventures, Policy Inititiatves, Not For Profits, and Campaigns. 

  • Great Governance in place or in process. 

  • Not yet at optimum scale - so still needing capital and support. 

  • Evidence of traction, dedication and/or development. 

Now for some BIGExamples!

Below are a handful of projects that tick the boxes as current or potential Big Impact Game-changers. We are in the process of coming up with a comprehensive list of examples to cover all the key categories and opportunities, and this will be available on the website in due course. 

The three examples below are all Skoll Awardees (recipients of the prestigious Skoll awards).