Competition Selection Process

Deal flow for Big Impact Game-changing ideas and ventures can come from anywhere, and the BIG marketing machine means that those with a worthy BIG idea or live project have a great chance to hear about the platform. We will also have an active outreach program to Universities, Corporations, NGO’s, Investors and other Ecosystem partners. 

After a self selection and on-boarding process to ensure high quality applicants, subscribers participate in the evaluation and narrowing stages. Then, via an online and live process, a curated mix of judges and experts have their wisdom aggregated into a high quality shortlist.


With all finalists being highly worthy, BIGCrowd subscribers are then able to play a crucial role in selecting the main prize winners. All of the shortlist however can benefit from the publicity the platform attracts, collaboration support they can receive - and the ability to also raise donations and/or attract investors directly or indirectly.



Shown above is the selection process for when Incentive Competitions are run by BIGCrowd to attract innovators to address a specific issue. This enables maximum engagement by BIGCrowd subscribers - but ensures a fair and objective process so that systemic and sometimes complex ideas can be found.


In addition to Incentive Competitions, BIGCrowd will also use pooled funding to make Direct Awards (with identical prizes of £100k of cash, support and governance p/m for 3 years) to entities that immediately are deemed worthy and meet our criteria, including diversity of geography and subject matter. Subscribers, experts and judges can still participate in the nomination, due diligence and support process - and further collaborate to drive success.