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Investors and Donors

Investors and donors can receive BIG benefits from the BIGCrowd platform.


It typically costs as much if not more to find, evaluate and do new, small or early stage direct investments - rather than the bigger, later stage deals where there is more or more suitably presented information.


The same is true for philanthropic and social funders. In short - investors and donors often want others to be first - but this makes it very difficult for potential BIGs to secure the resources they need.


With the votes and collaboration to stress check the BIGs on the platform, and with the powerful BIGAwards to deliver meaningful support to those BIGs with the greatest potential, BIGCrowd can bring high quality deal-flow to the investor and donor communities.


Funders can thus get involved when it is more suitable for their risk profiles.


For any BIGCrowd awardees which they do choose to fund - the collective and ongoing support program and spotlight can be a BIG help in delivering both impact and returns.