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Impact Game-changers

Not every game-changer will be truly ambitious, scalable and or replicable. However, sometimes the smaller entities can still be doing important things to warrant interest from the BIGCrowd and be worthy of support.


So the platform will include a category for more modest ‘Impact Game-changers’ (IGs).


In this junior category, these IGs will still be  able to promote and showcase their activity and receive collaboration support from the BIGCrowd.


And just like BIGs, the IGs can subscribe as organisations, and thus earn on the platform as a result of their promotion and any subscriber revenue generated.


If they qualify via a verification process, according to ethics, structure and legitimacy, just like the BIGs - their smaller counterparts will be able to receive donations from subscribers to the platform, either from their earnings or from separate funds.


The design is such that the IGs which show high impact potential and ability to scale - can over time graduate to become BIGs.