BIGCrowd and The Blockchain

Blockchain and Crypto Currencies are taking the world by storm. While pioneers in the technology and financial worlds are very much aware of the potential of blockchain and crypto innovations - the space remains quite confusing or largely irrelevant to the common person. While confusing or seemingly irrelevant to many - there is little doubt that these revolutionary technologies have the power to change the world we live in - and thus all of our lives significantly. 


Despite concerns about speculation and tax avoidance - corporations and governments  are also embracing the underlying blockchain technology in key areas. So this revolution is not just coming - it is already here -  and it is not going away. 

One can try and avoid the inevitable or one can embrace it. We choose to embrace it.

The BIGCrowd model has been developed over three years - and a reward and currency strategy to incentivise subscribers and to foster positive collaboration has been part of the plan from the begining. While watching the emergence of these technologies from the sidelines, in 2017 it became increasing clear that we could incorporate blockchain technology in certain areas in order to strengthen the model. If we could be sure it could be done ethically and fairly - it could also give is the ability to issue our very own Impact Crypto Currency to raise capital and in turn strengthen things further.

We feel strongly that the opportunity is to create an environment where ‘Blockchain and Crypto For Good’ is the absolute focus - and is therefore what we are all about. 

With BIGCrowd being about ‘Access to Capital, and Finding and Funding Innovation which is Positive for Society’, it made complete sense to be at the heart of an emerging industry with the potential to do just that. The amazing eco-system that is quickly building cannot only give BIGCrowd itself access to capital - with a mass market approach we believe we have the potential to shape the governance and indeed future of a sector that can do so much good for the world. 


The BIGCrowd platform will incorporate decentralised blockchain and centralised database technology. Elements of the business model make most sense to run on the blockchain for trust, security and efficiency purposes. These include the allocation, management and trading of our Impact Crypto Currency, addressing issues of Identity and KYC (Know Your Customer) Compliance, and Governance. However, CRM, Publishing and Active Collaboration, for example, make more sense to run on non blockchain technology - at least in the short term.  

The Technology Roadmap will enable elements of the business to migrate to blockchain technology over time. By raising equity as we are doing at the time of writing, and doing so with the objective of then issuing an ICO for an asset backed crypto currency (backed by subscription revenue) that is accessible globally and which can also appreciate in value - we believe this creates an optimised hybrid model which is both resilient and flexible.


The goal is to ensure BIGCrowd Ltd and the blockchain and crypto technology are decoupled where appropriate - while enabling them to be mutually reinforcing. 

The BIGCrowd Blockchain Foundation

In addition to the BIGCrowd Foundation that holds 5 Million A Shares in BIGCrowd Ltd - and which will play an important role in the governance of the company - should we opt to also do an ICO, the goal will also be to set up the independent BIGCrowd Blockchain Foundation (BCBC).


Should the ICO occur, The BCBC Foundation will be endowed with a number of Impact Coins. Smart contracts will release coins at target price points, and gradually over time so as not to negatively effect the coin price, all to allow an exciting and sizeable funding program for Blockchain for Good Projects.

In a similar vein to how Big Impact Game-changers are selected and supported, this endowment will provide prizes and awards of funding and support, and enable ICO investments into high impact blockchain and crypto currency projects. The goal is to ensure the best society positive blockchain projects can come to fruition with great governance and from a position of strength.  All this goes to further integrate with the highly exciting blockchain and crypto currency ecosystem.  

NB. It is important to note that the whole BIGCrowd model can work independently of the blockchain and without its own crypto currency. Management however believe over time the benefits of a blockchain and crypto approach will be significant. We also recognise these emerging technologies are not without risks. Based on the mission of the business, the interests of all stakeholders, and ongoing risk assessment - we therefore reserve the right to commence operations with a centralised non blockchain or crypto approach.