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  • Watch & Learn

  • Vote & Comment

  • Share & Earn

  • Collaborate

  • Donate

  • Play


BIGCrowd will offer both a Free and Premium Subscription.


The free offering will edutain and inspire people with content on the potential and award winning Big Impact Game-changers, and help them learn about the issues of the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

A modest £9.60 subscription, however, promises to deliver exciting benefits. Subscribers will be able to vote for the BIGs they wish to support, as well as comment and provide the assistance their favourite BIGs seek.


They also can win awards and cash prizes for how much they collaborate and for nominating award winning BIGs.

Importantly, both by collaborating and by monthly sharing with their friends on social media or email, premium subscribers can earn merit based micro commissions as part of the marketing efforts.


They can earn pennies to thousands of pounds monthly, raising money for aligned foundations in the process. Subscribers can choose to take or donate commissions up to a capped level, above which, they must donate to BIGs they choose on the platform.