History - So how did all this come about?

BIGCrowd is the result of insights gained by the Founder, Steve Podmore who took a raw idea in November 2006 and turned it into a fully developed vision for a Private Innovation and Development Bank called Transform Global

Steve also developed an economic theory (click on the white paper to read), is writing a book on why individuals and organisations can develop immunity to important innovation, why this is bad for the world, and what can be done about it - and has continually refined a series of beliefs and ever stronger motivations that underpin his determination and focus.  

Transform Global Ltd is the company and name for the bank - which now incorporates BIGCrowd.

Steve’s journey and the many lessons learned along the way led to an intense conversation in Nov 2014 which saw the initial idea behind BIGCrowd coming together over a few short hours. The inspiring conversation was with a great friend and modest supporter who amongst others, had also supported another social entrepreneur for several years in Africa. The support given included storytelling and advocacy and was game-changing for the dynamic entrepreneur behind an exciting integrated development foundation. Tens of thousands of lives were positively touched as a result - creating impact in central Nigeria - one of the toughest parts of the world to operate. 

Though the support was highly valuable it was also badly underfunded.  Steve realised, if similar support could be more thorough and better funded, with many contributing a small amount towards costs, and if their was also a fair and objective process to access it, then projects like Transform Global and other Big Impact Game-changers had a greater chance of succeeding. 

Research (for what initially was called Impact Advocates) continued for a few weeks and it was quickly understood this was a powerful concept that could be synergistic with Transform Global itself (eventually providing discovery and deal flow for the bank).  However, Steve initially decided to continue with the plan to launch Transform Global first and then launch Impact Advocates as one of its first projects when fully funded. 

In the summer of 2015, when the BIGCrowd name was thought up (being much better for a consumer audience) and the idea had matured, it became obvious that it was a better idea to launch BIGCrowd first. It would create a platform and position of strength so the more costly and technical ‘bank’ could ultimately launch. So this is exactly what we are doing.

Development continued throughout 2016/2017, and more and more detail for the business, for the marketing system, the incentive competitions, and for the technology platform fell into place.  

The Pre Launch Beta Subscriber offering is now live, and launch investment is now sought from aligned investors who buy into the mission and the long term governance structure. 

At the same time world issues are becoming more serious by the day. People are worried about jobs, and as a result, and right wing popularism is rising. Never before have we needed positive Big Impact Game-changers of the type BIGCrowd can find, to emerge and succeed. Echoing the words of Victor Hugo ‘BIGCrowd is a powerful idea whose time has come’.