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  • Inspire Customers

  • Motivate Employees

  • Sponsor Grand Challenges

  • Reduce Business Risks

  • Showcase Brands & CSR


Corporations can utilise the BIGCrowd platform to engage with their customers and their employees.


This can be by sponsoring incentive competitions on the platform - perhaps in the area where they might have expertise.


For example, an insurance organisation could sponsor a competition to find and support BIGs who are innovating in the area of flood mitigation and water management.


This can be a major help in assisting organisations to address key risks and find opportunities in areas critical to their business success.


There will be different sponsor offerings, where a large investment can bring individual naming rights to a challenge.


Or corporations can choose to co-sponsor challenges by paying a per person monthly fee to provide judges and experts to the platform.


In return they will receive publicity to showcase their own Global Goal focussed innovations, access to deal flow, and the ability to use the open innovation software internally.