Network revenue generation. 


The network model we have chosen for its elegant simplicity, is technically known as a 5 wide, 10 deep - forced matrix. No individual will need to recruit more than five people to fill available slots below (and payment is on 10 levels). However, if subscribers go on and attract a 6th subscriber (not monthly, but in total, over any time period), which is likely to occur due to the regular social sharing, this 6th and any subsequent subscriber ‘spills over’ into the first available gap in their network - giving subscribers ‘gifts from above’. 


Actually recruiting is the wrong term, as much of the work to make growing the network easy, is done by us. BIGCrowd will produce many easy to watch videos that both explain how it all works, and what kind of Big Impact Game-changers we are seeking to find and support - and in time, on the many stories of success. The goal is for subscribers to have an elegant and simple system - so active recruitment or sales is not needed at all. 

Potential subscribers simply watch a video that comes via a link from their friends, over any social network anywhere in the world. If they like them, they too subscribe in an effortless process that takes less than 10 minutes on a mobile or desktop. 


Then, to keep earning, all they have to do is watch at least one video per month of a maximum of 10 minutes (this part delivers learning), vote it up or down, and share. 


Just as a Wikipedia user is not obligated to contribute, the BIGCrowd network are not obligated to comment. However they can also comment in the thread of a profile of a potential Big Impact Game-changer if they wish. Comments can be rated up or down by others, and if they are consistently rated highly, network subscribers will be able to win prizes or the coveted BIGCrowd expert status. Most importantly however, the Big Impact Game-changers will get active validation, support and suggestions of high value. 

The maximum possible in a 5 wide, 10 deep network, is just over 12.2 million subscribers. While network growth does not stop at 10 levels, and the theoretical maximum is unlikely to be achieved consistently, as shown on the next page, 2% commissions will be paid on 10 levels for every subscriber in ones downline network. 


This means, subject to a cap of £10k a month (to encourage focus on impact rather than just the earning potential), subscribers will be paid 10p each month for every subscriber in the 10 levels of their network below. 


This exciting structure is a BIG playing field leveler that will literally change the Impact Game for the better, globally.