The Get Stuff Done Foundation

By creating and having a governance and social relationship with the Get Stuff Done Foundation, BIGCrowd Ltd is designed with a Profit with Purpose Structure. Another way to think of this is as a Social / Commercial Hybrid.


We believe this structure provides the fastest and best way of addressing the most important issues in the world. 

While the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development are unlikely to be addressed as fast as we need to tackle global risk and resilience threats, BIGCrowd aims to speed things up.  


The platform and the network design will have the capability to bring to life the most promising opportunities to countries,
people and organisations around the world.


Success will be measured environmentally, socially and economically. 


To be formally incorporated into our ‘Sustainability Charter’ - which will be established in the coming months - are some of the ways we believe we can achieve these truly important goals:-

  • We will do so while making our operations robust, limiting exposure to risk and building strong governance. 

  • With our ‘for profit with purpose’ structure we are focussed on net impact, appropriately incentivising all stakeholders and at the same time ensuring strong and focussed leadership and highly effective governance. 

  • We intend to operate as a Benefit Corporation, which we believe is the best way to achieve and embed the desired culture for success.

BIGCrowd Ltd will operate a 5 : 10 : 20 : 30 : + model 

  • 5 - reflects the 5 Million Shares of founding equity gifted to go to the ‘Get Stuff Done Foundation’ (GSDF).

  • 10 - paid days per year will be given by employees to spend volunteering  - to be mentoring or working with any ‘impact’ projects of their choice.

  • 20 - percent of post hurdle rate returns, made on investment returns made by funds that BIGCrowd or Transform Global launches or, indeed, Impact Investment Funds that BIGCrowd launches directly or by agreement with others, will go to GSDF aims. 

  • 30 - represents the 30 positions at the top of the BIGCrowd subscriber network, gifted to important NGOs or Foundations. 

  • + - represents the position gifted to the Get Stuff Done Foundation at the very top of the BIGCrowd network, plus office facilities, media coverage and general assistance provided by BIGCrowd and Transform Global in order to further the work of the Get Stuff Done Foundation, or to raise funds as appropriate. 

Our 5 : 10 : 20 : 30 : + model is inspired by the innovative 1:1:1 model pioneered by learn more

Governance and Impartiality 

BIGCrowd will not affiliated to any political or religious organisation. 


Long term governance will be delivered via the ‘Sustainable Charter’ to be embedded in the articles of association detailing founding principles, and via the voting structure, is designed to lock in founding aims and charter conditions while still enabling external governance, oversight and healthy exits for financial investors. 

The Get Stuff Done Foundation structure will be formalised over the first two years. The objective is to recruit a diverse group of Trustees who are in alignment with the mission and who fully understand both the BIGCrowd business model, and the foundation objectives and responsibilities. The goal is to create a structure that can be fit for purpose for the long term. 

Impact Measurement 

In what could be the largest project of it’s kind, BIGCrowd will provide both scale and data - and will work with multiple partners to deliver effective and increasingly strong impact measurement. 


The business will obey the laws of the countries in which it operates and will pay taxes as a responsible citizen.


Importantly, and double underling this point, while some global corporations are interested in the letter of the law, and use all manner of mechanism to legally avoid taxation, we believe it is important to build a strong business model, generate profits and obey the spirit of the law. 

Paying taxes in a fair and transparent manner and contributing to society creates business as it should be - fit for modern times!  


The Get Stuff Done Foundation will fund innovation labs, make impact investments and grants, and seek to deliver bold and highly effective maximum impact projects in the following areas:

  • Investment Reform

  • Education

  • Sustainability Impact

  • Social Entrepreneurship

A long term force for good - the goal is to create a strong mechanism to embed the founding principals for the long term, enabling entrepreneurial leadership in the short and medium term, whilst creating healthy and timely investor exit potential, attracting professional, independent and fit for purpose social and environmental governance throughout.