Below you can see 5 presentations explaining different aspects of the BIGCrowd vision and business model. They are not the shortest presentations in the world, but they are comprehensive. Totalling a little over 1.5 hours they are intended for anyone who is serious about understanding the detail of how we plan to harness the power wisdom and funding of the BIGCrowd to positively impact the world. An investment of 1.5 hours of your time (or the first, the highlights is just 3 minutes) could be one of the most important in your life. 

For access to the last presentation, on the numbers, projections and details on our fundraising - email and we will send it through. Or, get in touch if you have any questions or interest.


Many thanks.



BIGCrowd 3 minute highlights presentation

BIGCrowd 8 minute presentation overview. 

BIGCrowd Presentation - Social Network Marketing Flywheel

BIGCrowd Presentation - EcoSystem & Multi Sided Platform 

BIGCrowd Presentation - Funding Strategy and Projections - email for password)