The presentation below shows how the 'jet engine propulsion' and 'Social Network Marketing Flywheel' systems are intended to work. 


BIGCrowd Presentation - Social Network Marketing Flywheel

The design of the casing of a Jet Engine is what creates the forward momentum, by channeling the energy from ‘continuous internal combustion’ (mixing air, fuel & ignition). 

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With BIGCrowd, we have created a similar structure for our sales and marketing efforts - to channel the energy of the subscriber base. The power comes from doing so alongside conventional marketing efforts using a combined marketing budget of £1.60 (20%) from the £8 Net Subscription Price - to pay network commissions of £1 (12.5%) and conventional/cause marketing costs of £0.60 (7.5%). 
Using the very best elements of a ‘paying for referral’ social network marketing structure, and doing so with strict ethical criteria (with payment caps and merit based earnings), subscribers are able to earn commissions for how much and how well they collaborate, in part by sharing content to promote those tackling the issues they care about to their social networks - and for helping them to succeed.

THE DETAIL OF HOW IT WORKS. Within one gigantic purpose driven social network, BIGCrowd subscribers are empowered to build out their own sub-networks. Subscribers (and aligned foundations - which are also allocated commissions generated as a result of Cause PR and Marketing) are paid a £0.05 monthly base commission from all paying subscribers in their network - plus they can earn a ‘Match Bonus’ equivalent to the base commissions of any subscribers they introduced directly. This powerful bonus and other features all incentivise subscribers to actively introduce others. 

The ‘Jet Engine Effect’ comes because all subscribers are limited to 5 others who can be positioned directly below them - however all new subscribers ‘spillover’ to the next available position in the network (simply a series of relational database entries). Any individual network is restricted to being 10 levels deep - which limits the maximum commission payout to £0.50 per month per subscriber, and a similar £0.50 in match bonuses. The combined ‘spillover’ effect is designed to benefit both the foundations and Big Impact Game-changers we are raising money for. However, as this is one gigantic network, benefits will also flow to all qualifying subscribers for being part of a purpose based network and mass marketing engine. With subscribers required to watch, vote and share each month to qualify for earnings (they can donate their earnings or earn, or must donate for all earnings above the payment cap), this in turn creates the purpose, buzz and massive forward momentum to generate viral growth.

BIGCrowd is designed to have what we term 3 Ubiquities, which together mean a low cost, increasing value subscription can be sold in high volume:- 

  1. High Appeal - addressing all the global goals, tackling at least one interest for most people, and motivating subscribers to sign up and engage, either by purpose, self interest, competition, fun, compelling content, learning - or a subtle combination of all or several of these factors. 

  2. Affordable - at £9.60, the BIGCrowd subscription is affordable to many people all over the world, however the FREE option means anyone can subscribe and earn themselves a paying subscription (and thus an income generating one) though collaboration and social sharing. 

  3. Accessible - via a smart phone with a ‘low bandwidth option’ for the mobile experience (with over 2 billion smartphones now in circulation) or via the subscribers own computers or at internet cafes all over the world for the desktop experience. 

With these 3 Ubiquities in mind, BIGCrowd has the potential to generate significant network effects (Metcalfe’s Law), where benefits to members of a network multiply the more members there are in the network. For example, the more subscribers to nominate Big Impact Game-changers to an incentive competition, the greater the chance a solution to an important issue can be found, thus more content on the platform, more funding for prizes & awards etc. In turn attracting more subscribers. 

As can be seen to the below, all elements of the marketing mix combine to create a flywheel effect, which like the subscription offering, can become increasingly powerful over time. The £10m equity raise, funds development of core infrastructure, and it also primes the marketing pump to ensure the flywheel can be properly started, which alongside warm marketing partnerships, position for success.